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Isabel Heisler wins Hh scholarship!


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Greg Holly

It was the siren song of Constructivism that lured Portland designer Greg Holly away from his fine art studies and toward the applied arts – a decision that, his painting instructor will tell you, was better for everyone. Greg has nevertheless enjoyed a long and productive career in design, a highlight of which included the mentoring of an upstart student from SFCC by the name of CK Anderson. Greg’s work, under the nom de guerre Acme Graphic Design, has been represented in a number of design annuals, including Graphis Posters, Graphis Packaging, the AIGA Annual and Print Magazine. His clients include Stash Tea, Yamamotoyama of America, and Kombucha Wonderdrink.

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Hh love

It use to be travelers checks, but now it’s my Hh Tt. I don’t leave home without it.

My Hamburger Tt makes me a better rock climber!

Helveticahaus is such a great concept! When I wear my t-shirt around my friends ask me where I got it and want to hear the story. I’ve heard a lot of compliments on the product as well as the idea. Lots of love from Germany!

This t-shirt is incredibly one of a kind! The design is intricate and sleek. The tshirt material is crazy soft and feels well made. I feel proud walking around in it knowing its a home grown design and company.