Classic Macintosh Childhood

While we millennials were the first generation to grow up with computers, it turns out I had one much earlier in life than many of my friends.


I recently found this gem of a photo – from waaaay back in 1991 – at my mom’s house. That’s my sister Heather (left) and me “sharing” the keyboard and mouse of a Macintosh Classic, which our parents had tucked away in a corner of our living room. We played Asteroids and StuntCopter, and messed around in Paint as much as they’d let us. Eventually, it made its way out of the living room and into the “computer room.” (Yep – it was that important in our house that we didn’t even call it an office.)

Talk about a throwback. And talk about a pretty clear path toward becoming a designer. From my first computer at age three to a mom who owned a quilt shop and was a pattern/shape/color wizard, it all adds up.