On the daily, I have at least 10 tabs open in my browser at work. The first three positions are always (1) my email, (2) my calendar, and (3) Noon Pacific. After those, it’s a free-for-all. Total chaos.

Nine times out of ten I never revisit these tabs because I’m just too busy to read the article or look through the design gallery (or so I tell myself). I’ve tried to use Pocket, but if I don’t digest it immediately, it’s basically dead to me. 

But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t impressed or drawn to the page in the first place. Something told me to keep the tap open. See for yourself – here are the five tabs currently open in my browser: 

The Influence of Color: Choosing a Palette in Photography
Learning from Lego: A Step Forward in Modular Web Design
The Best and Worst Identities of 2016, Part 4: The Best Noted
11 Whimsical Animal Drawings by Leupin
MailChimp For Designers

I guarantee you these are way better than whatever Steven has open in his.