Here at Helveticahaus, we sell cool shirts featuring some pretty clever designs, but that’s just a means to an end. Our main goal is to raise enough money to provide scholarships for local design students. We love great design and want to encourage today’s youth to pursue an education in the graphic arts.

In order to connect with these up-and-coming designers, we reached out to Spokane Falls Community College and started a connection that would lead to the new Helveticahaus Student Series.

We asked SFCC’s 1st-year design students to design a T-shirt, a mini-poster, and a coaster for Helveticahaus. They had to work within our established branding, but were otherwise given free-reign to express Helvetica in whatever way they’d like. We visited the class a for critiques partway through the process to see what concepts they had come up with, but also to give some critical design guidance. Students were encouraged to design with a solid concept in mind, then push that concept to multiple mediums.

Here’s just a few of the student submissions.

Once complete, we hung the designs on a wall in our office and let the voting begin. Everyone in the Hh office voted for their top 3 Tt and top 3 poster designs. Our awesome leaders reviewed our votes, added their own, and and made the final call. Once the dust had settled, we had three winners and two runners-up.

Our art directors hard at work.

The ruunners-up were: DeAndre Barett for poster design, and Devin Harper for Tt design.

And the winners…

Congrats to Terri Porter for coaster design, Corri Woods for poster design, and Margeaux Kliewer for Tt design.

We are currently working with these students to finalize their designs and get them to print. Keep your eyes out for our new student-designed products coming soon!