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We put the “art” in “sartorial.”

creative apparel

Served in the finest Swiss Kaffeehäuser. (Probably.)

home brew

Real-life artists and designers gone wild.

limited editions

Stickers. Posters. Coasters. Things that don't end in “-ers.”

other stuff

It’s more than just a typeface to us.

true stories

Seattle illustrator and designer Don Baker has a clean and sophisticated style that communicates in engaging, upbeat, and intuitive ways. A list of his clients reads like a who’s-who of major brands, and includes Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Hasbro, CBS...

artist series no. 1

Don Baker

It was the siren song of Constructivism that lured Portland designer Greg Holly away from his fine art studies and toward the applied arts – a decision that, his painting instructor will tell you, was better for everyone. Greg has nevertheless enjoyed a...

artist series no. 2

Greg Holly

Minneapolis-based graphic designer, cartoonist, comic book illustrator, and creative director Sherwin Schwartzrock once called Spokane home. He even collected a regular paycheck from helveticka while he was here. In fact, we’re pretty sure that’s what ultimately...

artist series no. 3

Sherwin Schwartzrock

A designer’s brain and an artist’s eye don’t normally reside within the same person. But then, Lorri Johnston is definitely not normal. In fact, given the ridiculously high expectations she has of her creative output – along with a near-obsessive desire to...

artist series no. 4

Lorri Johnston

Isabel Heisler

2016 scholarship winner

Isabel is a second-year student in the graphic design program at Spokane Falls Community College. Originally from Brazil, she came to America – leaving friends and family behind – to pursue her dream. She’s the director of marketing for the SFCC Associated Student Government, vice president of the Graphic Design Club, winner of the Signal Box Design Competition, and a 4.0 honors student. Not to mention a heckuva design talent.

Story of a typeface.

Learn about the history of the world’s greatest font.