Look good in our typographic T-shirts; feel good about where your money is going.


Helveticahaus is about honoring the – dare we say it – greatest font on the planet. It’s about appealing to Helvetica admirers around the world while introducing its practical and timeless qualities to the next generation of designers.

It’s also for people who just dig a good typeface.

We began Hh because we sought a way to give back – in a creative and meaningful way – to the design profession that has given so much to us. So we decided to help young designers pursue and achieve their career aspirations.

All profits from Helveticahaus will go toward providing financial support to students earning graphic design degrees at Spokane Falls Community College – the same school we attended, well…a while ago.

Though we’re just getting started, we hope visitors to our haus will enjoy our first apparel offerings and help our dream come true. We can’t wait to share the stories of future scholarship recipients and how Helvetica, along with your support, continues to inspire up-and-coming designers.

Thanks for stopping by.

CK and Linda Anderson


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Isabel Heisler wins Hh scholarship!


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Hh love

It use to be travelers checks, but now it’s my Hh Tt. I don’t leave home without it.

My Hamburger Tt makes me a better rock climber!

Helveticahaus is such a great concept! When I wear my t-shirt around my friends ask me where I got it and want to hear the story. I’ve heard a lot of compliments on the product as well as the idea. Lots of love from Germany!

This t-shirt is incredibly one of a kind! The design is intricate and sleek. The tshirt material is crazy soft and feels well made. I feel proud walking around in it knowing its a home grown design and company.