Helveticahaus was formed not only to showcase the most revered font in the world, but also – and this is the really important thing – to inspire design students in the inland northwest.

What that means is that all Hh profits will go toward providing financial support for those earning graphic design degrees at Spokane Falls Community College – alma mater of Hh founders CK and Linda Anderson.

But it’s bigger than just those two. Applications are reviewed by a selection committee comprising design professionals, educators, and community leaders, each of whom appreciates the beauty of Helvetica, digs our stylin’ Tts, and believes in our mission.

Sorry! The deadline to apply for a 2018–19 scholarship has passed. Applications for the 2019–20 school year will be accepted beginning summer 2019. Please check back then. In the meantime, treat yourself to something nice.


Tessa Vlaar

Originally from Vail, Colorado, Tessa already had a degree in public relations from Gonzaga University when she enrolled in SFCC’s graphic design program – a perfectly normal progression for someone who believes that learning is the most important thing in life. So why design? “It’s the work that’s never done. There’s always a new idea and a new creative solution to be found.”


Jaydra Erchul-Johnson

“The entire process of design is an experience that I don’t think I want to live without. I could say that I want to be a graphic designer, but I tell myself that I AM a graphic designer, no matter where on the spectrum I am, because I will always be learning and improving my skills.”


Teresa Mendoza Embrey

“I first heard about graphic design when I was 14 years old. For several reasons I took a different path: money, family, lack of courage, and many other things that you could call excuses. I can’t do anything else with so much love and care; I know that because I already tried.”


Jill Poland

“To bring pleasure. To make people say ahhh! To communicate a message succinctly and in such a way that people are drawn to the feel of it. To make people feel challenged by a message or maybe even a little pinched. Good graphic design can do all these things and more.”


Isabel Heisler

selection committee


Haley Anderson loves all things design. Especially ampersands. In fact, the Studio SC designer has a dream: to one day have her own line of and symbols.


From small-town girl to Seattle Art School instructor to business owner to art director, Lorri Johnston has accomplished more than most folks twice her age.


“Just when I thought I was out,” thought John Mraz, “they pull me back in.” The sort-of-retired co-founder of helveticka is pretty much legendary in these parts.


A successful organization needs both brains and beauty at the top. CK Anderson offers neither – though he occasionally comes up with a good idea.


Linda Anderson hasn’t worn a T-shirt since 1977. Nevertheless, her keen fashion sense ensures that Hh’s apparel sets a new standard in quality.


The Helveticahaus Scholarship Fund is managed by the Community Colleges of Spokane Foundation. Scholarships apply to the following academic year. Helveticahaus reserves the right to not award this scholarship if a suitable candidate cannot be found.