Helveticahaus is about honoring the – dare we say it – greatest typeface on the planet. It’s about appealing to Helvetica admirers around the world while introducing its practical and timeless qualities to the next generation of designers.

It’s also for people who just dig a good font family.

We began Hh because we sought a way to give back – in a creative and meaningful way – to the design profession that has given so much to us. So we decided to help young designers pursue and achieve their career aspirations.

All profits from Helveticahaus will go toward providing financial support to students earning graphic design degrees at Spokane Falls Community College – the same school we attended, well…a while ago.

We hope visitors to our haus will enjoy our ever-expanding line of Helvetica-themed products and help our dream come true. We can’t wait to share the stories of future scholarship recipients and how Helvetica, along with your support, continues to inspire up-and-coming designers.

CK & Linda Anderson

featured artists


“I love all things design,” says Haley Anderson, “especially ampersands.” A graduate of the University of Washington’s visual communication design program, Haley is a graphic designer at Seattle’s Studio SC – a design firm that focuses on wayfinding strategies and environmental graphics within the built environment. As part of the team that created the environmental graphics for a downtown Seattle high-rise office building and parking garage, Haley was featured in Communication Arts Advertising Annual 56. She currently serves on the Hh scholarship selection committee, where, between generous pours of Cayuse Vineyards Bionic Frog Syrah, she sits in judgement of lesser mortals.



A designer’s brain and an artist’s eye don’t normally reside within the same person. But then, Lorri Johnston is definitely not normal. In fact, given the ridiculously high expectations she has of her creative output – along with a near-obsessive desire to consider every conceivable approach on the way to arriving at a design solution – it’s a wonder she hasn’t been the subject of scientific study. And now, after a career that’s made her everything from a creative director to a college instructor to a business owner (and now an art director at one of Spokane’s premier advertising agencies), she can finally check “design an Hh Tt” off her bucket list.



Graphic designer, cartoonist, comic book illustrator, and creative director Sherwin Schwartzrock once called Spokane home. He even collected a regular paycheck from helveticka while he was here. In fact, we’re pretty sure that’s what ultimately led to all those national awards. Or maybe it was his unique ability to connect brand strategy with imagery to create powerful tools in a visually engaged marketplace. Either way, Sherwin combines a finely honed drawing ability with design sensitivity, enabling him to work smarter – and get to the solution faster – with intelligence and wit.



It was the siren song of Constructivism that lured Portland designer Greg Holly away from his fine art studies and toward the applied arts – a decision that, his painting instructor will tell you, was better for everyone. Greg has nevertheless enjoyed a long and productive career in design, a highlight of which included the mentoring of an upstart student from SFCC by the name of CK Anderson. Greg’s work, under the nom de guerre Acme Graphic Design, has been represented in a number of design annuals, including Graphis Posters, Graphis Packaging, the AIGA Annual and Print magazine. His clients include Stash Tea, Yamamotoyama of America, and Kombucha Wonderdrink.



Seattle illustrator and designer Don Baker has a clean and sophisticated style that communicates in engaging, upbeat, and intuitive ways. A list of his clients reads like a who’s-who of major brands, and includes Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Hasbro, CBS, Nabisco, McGraw Hill, Starbucks, and AT&T Wireless. His work has been featured in trade magazines like Communication Arts, Print, How, Electronic Design, The Society of Illustrators, and Art Buyer, while his subculture DIY art zine Eulipian is part of a permanent mail art archival exhibit in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Don is a 1979 graduate of Spokane Falls Community College’s graphic design program.