In Japan, Valentine’s Day is all about the men, with women giving chocolates out of love, courtesy, or obligation. In Denmark and Norway, men anonymously send gaekkebrev – rhyming love notes – to express their fondness. And in Slovenia, where St. Valentine (Zdravko) is one of the country’s patron saints of spring, the day represents revival and growth rather than love and affection. (Lest you think those are the oddest comparisons we could track down, think again.)

Here at Helveticahaus, though, the women aren’t inclined to show deference to the men and the men aren’t talented enough to write poetry. So we show our love through great design and good deeds – like, say, the gift of a stylish Helveticahaus Tt, the proceeds from which go toward helping aspiring design students. Think Valentine’s Day is a sinister conspiracy hatched by Hallmark executives and the Illuminati to separate you from your wallet? Simple: just pick a black Tt instead of red to show you’re on to them. Either way, it’s this Sunday, so you’d better act now.

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