Fifty-nine years have passed since the Graphic 57 trade show in Lausanne, Switzerland – when Helvetica was introduced to the world as Neue Haas Grotesk. It’s kind of hard to imagine a world without its impartiality, its honesty, its clarity. “[Helvetica] is just something we don’t notice usually,” said Lars Müller, “but we would miss very much if it wouldn’t be there.” So let’s celebrate, shall we?

Today through June 1, all Helveticahaus Tts (except those in the limited-edition artist series) are just $19.57. That’s a savings of more than 20 percent – which you should definitely apply to a set of our new Miedinger and Hoffman mini-posters, inspired by a design from SFCC student Corri Woods. Letterpress printed in three colors on 110-lb. Cranes Lettra Fluorescent White pure cotton paper, they communicate a sense of European sophistication that your “Hang In There” cat poster totally lacks.

See what’s what over at helveticahaus.com.

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