We recently made a music video. It’s pretty great. You should go watch it. No really, I’ll wait.

The video was super fun to make. We teamed up with local production house Mojo Lab and shot the whole thing over the weekend in beautiful downtown Spokane. Here’s a look behind the scenes.


We woke up super early to catch that beautiful morning light. We’re pretty sure it was worth it. 


Chris and Kevin shoot while CK art directs. Haley was such a trooper.


We waited in this alley for a train to pass, then Haley would run in front of the camera, do her thing, and we would repeat until we got it right.


Checking out the latest take. By the looks on their faces, this wasn’t the one.


For the final scene, Linda and Morgan wrapped shirts around a long packing tube and unrolled on cue, giving the illusion that the shirts were falling back down.


Here’s the whole crew (sans CK). Such a fun experience!