We’re well into autumn, which means something different to everyone. To some it means changing leaves. To others it means pumpkin spice lattes. But to us, it means the beginning of another school year at Spokane Falls Community College, Eastern Washington University, and North Idaho College. You see, here at Helveticahaus, all of our profits go towards funding scholarships for design students at these three local schools. Every penny you spend goes towards helping a young designer achieve their dreams. But that’s not all. Our commitment to working with young designers goes beyond money. Take, for example, our new Hh Train Tt. It was designed by SFCC graphic design student Margeaux Kliewer, who started out in fine arts in Seattle but found that graphic design was a little more her style. She’s finishing up her degree at SFCC this year and is considering transferring to EWU next fall to continue her design education. She designed this wonderful shirt for us and we literally can’t take our eyes off of it. It’s students like Margeaux that inspire us to do what we do. So take a moment, snag a cool shirt, and know that you’ve done your part for the future of design.