where in the world is Helveticahaus?

Clockwise from top left: Mark Van Noy in Pisa, Italy; Kim Hogan sits in Nepal; Steven and Madeleine Downey skiing in front of the Eiger Nordwand in Switzerland; Kim and Cindy Hogan on the Giza Plateau.

Short answer: everywhere.

The way Helvetica conquered the world is nothing short of astounding, really. Within a decade of its release, it was, quite literally, everywhere – in print ads, transportation signage, logos, and posters around the globe. How and why is a topic for another discussion; suffice it to say that its clean lines and its versatility make it positively irresistible to designers. And its legibility and clarity make it equally desirable to the public.

So it’s really no surprise to find our designs – whether on T-shirts or coasters or coffee packaging – around the world as well. In fact, we’ve received reports of documented sightings in all four corners of the globe.

Is it the product itself or the font it honors that enjoys such a wide appeal? We like to think it’s both.

P.S. If you happen to find yourself, say, wearing one of our Tts in a far-flung locale, snap a pic and send it our way. We like to know where we’ve been.