If you’ve ever come to the Helveticahaus online shop and just couldn’t make up your mind…well, we’re afraid we have some bad news for you. The selection just got bigger.

Five brand-new T-shirt designs have just been added to our inventory

Which means that, with twelve originals, one student design, and three in our artist series, we’re now offering twenty-one unique, Helvetica-inspired graphic Tts! (We thought about adding more, but 21 is a Fibonacci number,* and our proprietors are very particular about maintaining some semblance of order and control in this chaotic world of ours. Even if it’s only temporary.)

Our advice is to head over to helveticahaus.com right away. You’ll need some time to consider your options, and Christmas is only 44 shopping days away.

*It also just happens to be the smallest Fibonacci number whose digits are Fibonacci numbers and whose digit sum is also a Fibonacci number, so, you know…win-win.

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