Hey designers! Who’s ready to score some sweet, sweet cash?

If you’re an incoming second-year graphic design student at Spokane Falls Community College – which of course you are, because we don’t send these emails to just anyone – then you’re already eligible for the Helveticahaus design scholarship! All that’s left to do is head on over to the official scholarship application page.

What’s in it for you, you ask?

Only $1,000 toward next year’s tuition, that’s all. Let’s do the math: Assuming you work 20 hours a week at a minimum-wage job, you’re taking home less than $200 a week, most of which is probably going toward gas, ironic tattoos, and avocado toast. Doesn’t leave much for school, does it?

Put that Helveticahaus design scholarship in the bank, though, and you’re sitting in the fabled catbird seat.

Remember your Latin: “Fortune smiles on the bold and frowns on the timid.” So what are you waiting for? Complete the five-step application before August 14. And if fortune’s a-grinnin’, you’ll hear from us no later than August 31.

Good luck!

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