Been eyeing that sweet new Hh logo Tt in red but, between rent, groceries, and keeping the AC running during this godforsaken summer, can’t quite come up with the $25?

Wait’ll you get a load of this: In honor of helveticka’s 30th anniversary in business, we’re doing something we’ve never – ever – done before. We’re taking 30% OFF EVERYTHING* in the store!

Check out these kuh-razy deals:

artist series Tts$30–$40 $21–$28
Hoffmann-Miedinger mini-poster set$32 $22.40
cross-body tote$25 $17.50

And here’s the best part: Even at these low, low prices, your purchase will still make a difference.

But you’re gonna want to act now – because this once-in-a-lifetime sale runs August 13-31 only. Ready to celebrate 30 years?

*Except for our haus blend coffee, because that would be insane.

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