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Drumroll please. This year’s scholarship winner is…

Congratulations to our 2022-23 Hh scholarship recipient, Antoni Carlson. What can we tell you about Antoni? He’s an open-hearted, honest, and sincere person – the type who naturally wants to support others. He’s also super chill. “I like to go with the flow,” Antoni says. And he stays in the flow by connecting with nature – camping, backpacking, skiing. Being just minutes from the mountains is something he loves about living in Spokane. “It’s relaxing to get away from everything. It just feels right.” But, oh boy, does Antoni’s demeanor change when you mention something creative like photography or [...]

October 19th, 2022|news|

The 2022 Helveticahaus Scholarship application is LIVE!

You’ve probably heard the news. A buck ain’t what it used to be. It takes a lot more of your paycheck to buy a gallon of gas and a six-pack of whatever it is you kids are drinking these days. We’re not economists, but we are old. And we remember the last time inflation was this stupid: back when we were students at Spokane Falls Community College. When Donna Summer and Rod Stewart ruled the airwaves. When minimum wage was less than $3 an hour. And when President Jimmy Carter told the American Society of Newspaper Editors that we [...]

May 25th, 2022|news|

Helveticahaus Global

Hello John! We think John's choice to wear his old/neue Tt in front of the Colosseum was very fitting. What a better place to wear his brand neue Helveticahaus Tt than in front of a 2000 year old amphitheater.

January 12th, 2015|sharing Hh love|


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